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Business Line

Airfreight Forwarding

The KWE group's one of core business is global airfreight forwarding (freight consolidation).

Freight consolidation is where cargo bound for a common overseas destination is collected from multiple clients and bundled into a "Single KWE shipment". Following this, KWE as the forwarder claims to commission an air carrier to transport that freight.

Major products that KWE handles include computers, IT and electronics related products such as semiconductors, communication related products particularly those for the portable communications industry such as mobile phones as well as automotive industry related products.

Ocean Freight Forwarding

While the basic cargo processing flow is the same as for international airfreight forwarding, within this sector KWE's major role is as a "Non-vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC)" that utilizes the transport services provided by ocean carriers.

Freight forwarded by KWE includes a wide range of products for a variety of industries and markets, including everything from raw materials to goods-in-process and finished products. Particularly in recent times KWE, centering on China, has greatly expanded its import and export operations throughout Asia, which given their relative proximity to Japan compared with Europe and the Americas and the correspondingly short transport period makes them ideal for ocean freight forwarding.


KWE, as a part of its comprehensive freight forwarding operations or as a separate ancillary service, has recently been actively involved in providing logistics services that include interim storage before and after delivery, and distribution processing such as sorting, labeling, packaging and product inspection. In recent years KWE's clients have been increasingly using outsourcing to rationalize distribution and reduce costs.

KWE in addition to utilizing it's independently developed KWE-WMS (Warehouse Management System), has also developed and manages an OMS (Order Management System) that as a 3PL (Third Party Logistics) model, allows KWE as the client's agent to perform daily management of orders received and sent.

Further, through linking KWE-WMS and OMS, KWE is able to provide a uniform information management service that encompasses the entire process from orders received through to delivery to the final destination.

In addition, KWE through its subsidiary Kintetsu e-support, Inc., is operating a call center and actively expanding the group's e-business in areas such as order processing.

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