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Quality and Security (ISO & TAPA)


KWE is the first physical distribution company in Japan to be ISO 9001 certified. Over 100 world locations in the 24 countries are certified, and provide standard, high-quality services. The same level of service is ensured world wide, despite differences in business cultures.

KWE is registered under ISO 9001 in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany and several other countries.

Development of ISO standards on a local level, integrated into the national program, makes each local existing operation more effective, and directly improves existing local procedures while using quality techniques.



With Class A certification by TAPA (the Transported Asset Protection Association) on December 16, 2003 of its Narita Terminal, KWE became the first Japanese freight forwarding company that satisfied the required conditions (FSR) for security management of cargo.
The KWE Group, following on from the initial certification of its Hong Kong terminal in December 2001, now has 18 terminals with Class A certification.

TAPA Certified Terminals

Region Certified Terminals
The Americas Miami, Los Angeles
Europe London, Brussels
Asia Hong Kong (4 terminals), Shanghai (3 terminals), Taiwan, Manila, Seoul, Singapore (2 terminals), Penang, Kuala Lumpur

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