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KWE (Canada) Opens a New Warehouse on the Outskirts of Toronto



KWE is pleased to announce that Kintetsu World Express (Canada), Inc. (President: Masahiko Takeda. “KWE(Canada)”), a locally registered company within our group, has completed construction of a large-scale warehouse facility (floor area 13,470m2) in Guelph on the outskirts of Toronto. This new facility commenced fully-fledged operations on July 1.

In line with the ongoing expansion of its logistics business, KWE(Canada) decided to build this third warehouse facility as an addition to its two already existing large-scale warehouses in the Toronto area (1. Toronto Warehouse: Floor area 9,290m2; 2. Milton Warehouse: Floor area? 10,590m2).

Located approximately 50kms from central Toronto, this new warehouse is ideally located with convenient access to major highways, airports and other transportation. This makes it a perfect hub for the provision of distribution services both within Canada and to destinations abroad. Offering 24-hour security, a global warehouse management system, a full range of distribution processing functions as well as KWE’s comprehensive range of high quality logistics services, this warehouse has quickly become established as a facility able to fulfill the needs of a variety of clients including automobile and electronic parts makers together with local retailers.

As in the past KWE (Canada) will continue to provide comprehensive logistics services fully able to meet the needs of its clients.

< Outline of Guelph Warehouse >

Name Kintetsu World Express (Canada), Inc.
Guelph Distribution Facility
Address 925 Southgate Drive Guelph,Ontario M1L 0B9 Canada
Telephone +1-519-823-0789
FAX +1-519-823-1711
Commencement of Business July 1, 2010
Warehouse Space 13,470m2

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