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Shanghai Kintetsu World Express Accepts Handover of Its New Warehouse in the Shanghai Pudong Integrated Bonded Zone


KWE’s new warehouse facility
in the Shanghai Pudong Airpor t Free Trade Zone

KWE is pleased to announce that Shanghai Kintetsu World Express Co., Ltd., a company within the KWE group established in May this year with its registered address in the Shanghai Pudong Airport Free Trade Zone, has accepted handover of its new warehouse within that zone on October 15.

KWE, as a part of its core business strategy within Asia, being the expansion of its bonded logistics business in China, continues to establish bonded logistics business hubs. Commencing with the establishment of a bonded warehouse facilities in the Futian Shenzhen bonded zone in 1995, followed by warehouses in the Shanghai Waigaoqiao and Dalian bonded zones in 1998, and now with the establishment of this new facility, KWE is maintaining its position as the industry leader throughout all regions within China.

KWE’s newly established company, Shanghai Kintetsu World Express Co., Ltd., through acquiring its own warehouse in the Shanghai Pudong Airport Free Trade zone that is located adjacent to the Shanghai Pudong Airport, a major hub within China for international cargo transport, will be able to further improve its services such as the import and export of airfreight, bonded cargo storage facilities, value added cargo distribution processing services and overland delivery services. With this warehouse facility planned to commence full-scale operations in January next year, KWE will further improve its ability to respond to all customers’ needs in areas such as freight forwarding, logistics, distribution and transport regardless of the cargo type whether it be for large dimension cargo such as industrial plant and equipment or vehicles or for other cargo such as high precision electronics such as semiconductors or for goods such as chemical, medical and pharmaceutical products that require constant temperature and humidity controls. KWE, in completing the fit out of this new warehouse facility, will ensure that it is equipped with the latest in cutting-edge storage facilities.

Just as in the past KWE will continue to strive to provide the highest quality total logistics services within China.

About Kintetsu World Express (Saudi Arabia) Ltd.

Company Name Shanghai Kintetsu World Express Co., Ltd.
Capital USD15,000,000
Main Businesses Bonded logistics services utilizing the Shanghai Pudong airport Airport Free Trade zone, import and export of international airfreight, ocean freight together with a domestic freight delivery service.
Representative Toshimichi Inamura
Address Decided upon operation commencement
Telephone Decided upon operation commencement
Fax Decided upon operation commencement
No. of Employees/th> 274
Date of Establishment May 13, 2010
Commencement of Business Planned for January 2011
Warehouse Space 6,757㎡ (Equipped with dust-proofing, electrostatic prevention, and temperature control equipment)

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