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KWE Hong Kong held 50th anniversary ceremony


Kintetsu World Express (HK) Ltd. (Takashi Ito, Managing Director; hereinafter, "KWE/HK"), a local subsidiary of Kintetsu World Express Inc. (Nobutoshi Torii, President and CEO), held a ceremony at the Hotel ICON in Hong Kong to commemorate its 50th anniversary.

KWE/HK was established on April 1, 1969 as the first foreign company in the KWE Group, starting with 10 employees and a single truck before growing to its current scale of over 460 employees.

Among the nearly 250 people attending the ceremony were esteemed guests such as Ambassador and Consul-General Mitsuhiro Wada from the Consulate-General of Japan in Hong Kong and Director of Service Promotion Jenny Koo of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, as well as representatives of customer and partner companies closely related to KWE. Representing KWE, were President & CEO Nobutoshi Torii, Managing Officer Makoto Saito, General Manager East Asia & Oceania Yoshihiro Kusakabe, and President of KWEHK Takashi Ito.

In his opening address, President Torii thanked KWE/HK’s supporters in the Hong Kong government, as well as KWE/HK’s trading partners, and stated that “it is hoped that, through logistics, KWE/HK will continue to support and contribute to the development of the Hong Kong economy as a member of the KWE Group, as Hong Kong will remain a leader in the Chinese and global economies.”

KWE/HK will enhance collaboration with local subsidiaries in Shenzhen and Guangzhou, work together with them to expand business in South China, and leverage its history to contribute to the prosperity of its customers and Hong Kong going forward.


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