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KWE Lanka Commences Business Operations


KWE is pleased to announce that Kintetsu World Express Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.(hereafter known as “KWE/Lanka”) has commenced operations as of October 14, 2019.

Trans Global Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. is a Sri Lanka-based KWE affiliate that has been accounted for using KWE’s corporate equity method. Following a change in company name and its board of directors, its business operations resumed as KWE/Lanka.

Recently, major European and American apparel brands have expanded their manufacturing bases to Sri Lanka, growing the country’s exports in textiles and clothing.

Today, Sri Lanka represents one of many countries chosen for network and infrastructure expansion in KWE’s Medium-Term Management Plan. We will be working to establish the KWE brand in Sri Lanka and enhance its logistics services to satisfy the diversifying needs of customers around the world.

Outline of the KWE/Lanka Head Office


Kintetsu World Express Lanka (Pvt.) Ltd.


LKR 2,571,460 (Sri Lanka Rupee)


MS Holdings Lanka PVT Ltd.(60%)
KWE-Kintetsu World Express (S) Pte Ltd.(40%)

Head Office

No. 28/1 Bullers Lane, Colombo 07, Sri Lanka
TEL.+94-011-4714795/7 FAX.+94-011-2592287


Mineo Suzuki

Business Details

Airfreight import and export forwarding.

Number of Employees


Commencement of Business

October 14, 2019


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