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(Update) Effects of Explosion in Tianjin, China

Sep. 2, 2015

Please note that
Information below are not officially released by Chinese authorities.

As of September 1, 18:00 (No change from August 31)
In case of problems or delays, we will keep you advised.

In the wake of the explosion that took place in the Binhai New Area of Tianjin, China on August 12, the following effects have been reported.

Tianjin (Sea Freight)

  • Customs
    Paperless customs declarations are being accepted without delay. However, there may be procedural delays for declarations that require documentary examination or cargo inspection. Overland transport for both export and import shipments is now accepted.
  • Port Operations
    Port and harbor operations are ongoing as usual.
  • Hazardous Items
    Although container terminals have started to accept hazardous items, it still needs some more time for customs, shipping lines to resume completely normal operation.

Tianjin (Air Freight)

  • Hazardous Items
    Each terminal has its own rule to handle hazardous items. A circular notice that bans the handling of them has been issued. Certain items, such as frozen and refrigerated items, lithium batteries, and automobiles, are excluded. However, please note that there might be special exemptions.

Effects on Handling Hazardous Items in Areas Other than Tianjin

Inspections of hazardous items are being conducted in areas other than Tianjin. As regards imported and exported cargo, the handling of hazardous items has been banned in some airports. Even for hazardous items that had been transported and passed customs previously, you may be required to go through a documentary examination or a content confirmation process, or put a necessary label on the cargo.


As another explosion happened in Shandong Province,more strict control over hazardous items should be implemented. Moreover a military parade and other events are scheduled for September 3, then traffic control will be enforced and flights will be regulated, both of which may cause delays in logistics operations.

For further details, please contact the sales personnel in charge.