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LLC "Kintetsu World Express (RUS), Inc." being the Russian subdivision of the KWE global network, connects more than 46 countries, 319 cities and 860 offices around the world with the Russian Federation.

Today, with more than 70 years of experience, we offer our customers guaranteed quality in the field of international cargo transportation and customs clearance.


Head Office

LLC Kintetsu World Express (RUS), Inc.

125362, Moscow, st. Vishnevaya, 9, building 1, office 411
E-mail: mowsls@kwe.com
Phone +7 495 771 3969
Opening hours: 9-19 except weekends

  • INN: 7743540746
  • KPP: 773301001
  • OGRN: 1047796777236

Additional Office "Sheremetyevo"

LLC "Kintetsu World Express (RUS), Inc."

141727, Moscow region, Dolgoprudny, Paveltsevo district, New highway, 56, building "A"
Phone +7 495 937 5870
Fax +7 495 937 5870
Opening hours: 9-19

Sales and Customer Service Office

LLC "Kintetsu World Express (RUS), Inc."

194044, St. Petersburg, Bolshoi Sampsonievsky prospect, 28, building 2, office 220
E-mail: mowsls@kwe.com
Phone +7 812 416 4001
Fax +7 812 416 4002
Opening hours: 9-19 except weekend

About KWE Russia

KWE Russia is the Russian division of the Kintetsu World Express global network.

KWE Russia first began its activities in the Russian Federation in 1995, opening a head office in Moscow, afterwards a regional one in St. Petersburg.
KWE Russia has comprehensive knowledge in the field of Russian and international logistics and provides a full range of freight forwarding services such as air transportation, sea and road transportation, customs clearance, and warehousing.

KWE Russia consists of three offices and seven warehouses.

Why KWE Russia

As a reliable partner of all major airlines and shipping lines, KWE Russia also acts as a customs broker and offers its clients more than 20,000 m2 of warehouse space.

  • A valid certificate of inclusion in the register of customs representatives since 2013
  • Services in customs clearance have been provided since 2005 based on an appropriate license
  • Direct contracts with all major airlines and shipping lines
  • Well-established cooperation with regional offices of KWE around the world
  • Commercial warehouse is located in 2km from Sheremetyevo airport
  • Own warehouse with an area of ​​15,000 m2 managed by KWE Russia located in the Moscow region

Vision and mission of KWE in Russia


To designate our position as one of the leaders among the providers of logistics solutions in the Russian market through the delivery of goods and quality for our clients.


Contribute to the development of the global community through logistics services - by creating new value, preserving the environment, and working with our customers, shareholders and employees.


Hidenori Moriwaki

The President

Machil Molenaar

The Financial Director

Mikhail Belyaninov

Warehousing Director/Inside Sales Executive


1995 Opening of the Moscow head office of KWE Russia
2005 Acquired a customs broker license
2005 Opening of a regional office and warehouse in St. Petersburg
2010 Opening of a commercial warehouse near Sheremetyevo airport
2018 Opening of our own modern warehouse in the Moscow region (30km north of Moscow Ring Road)
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