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Air Freight Forwarding

One of the KWE group's core strengths

KWE takes responsibility for the entire transport process providing a safer and faster service.
We have a proven track-record in the following industries:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive & related products
  • Agricultural goods
  • Healthcare items (medical and pharmaceutical)
  • Machine tools and construction machinery
  • Specialised forwarding needs such as transportation of semi-conductor production machinery, temperature-controlled freight as well as project commodities.

Consolidated service solutions

With a total of 377 offices in 216 cities in 31 countries around the globe we are able to collect cargo from multiple shippers, sort and assemble it per airport, and then consign it as KWE cargo to our preferred airline partners.

Our export services include:

  • Document preparations for air carriage
  • Packaging (DG or normal)
  • Insurance
  • Customs clearance
  • Surface transportation.
  • Specialised handling
  • Use of high security ULD's (Unit load devices)
  • Time definite services
  • Project management & air charter services
  • Track and trace

Sea Freight Forwarding

Increased focus due to global trends

Companies are now managing their supply chains a lot more effectively which will naturally lead to a great reduction in the emergency-type air freight shipments, and a great many more planned sea freight shipments.

While the basic cargo processing flow is the same as for international air freight forwarding, within this sector KWE's major role is as a "Non-vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC)" that utilizes the transport services provided by ocean carriers.

Our sea freight services include:

  • LCL / FCL cargo
  • Refrigerated cargo
  • Cross Haul & Line Haul
  • Shippers Consolidations
  • Booking
  • Crating, Packing & securing
  • Customs clearance
  • Break bulk & project cargo
  • Track and Trace

Whilst our core business is servicing big industry, we also handle specialised freight. We've moved equipment and materials related to:

  • International sport
  • Musical productions
  • Museum exhibits.
  • Livestock (Animal relocations)

As an added service KWE is able to provide shippers consolidation services. We are able to bundle products purchased from various manufacturers based in the same country into a single shipment. This optimised service is provided via our own infrastructure in combination with ocean and air freight transport services as well as transport and warehousing facilities

Customs compliance expertise

Our, and our client's, paperwork is in order

Compliance in terms of the Customs and Excise Act and the various Customs Policies and Customs Procedures can be a daunting task for Importers and Exporters, due to the amount of detail involved. Failure to comply may lead to severe Customs imposed penalties, which affects an Importer/Exporter's compliance history on the SARS internal system, and ultimately their cash flow.

On a daily basis our experienced and highly skilled Customs Compliance Team guides our customers through this maze of rules and regulations effortlessly. Our range of assistance and guidance in the Customs business area of SARS covers:

  • Export Customs Clearance executed in line required on site dates.
  • Import Customs Clearance performed before cargo arrival to prevent costly delays.
  • Full electronic communication/integration (EDI) with SARS's Customs business unit, for purposes of declarations and clearance submissions.
  • Tariff classification/determinations, are made in line with the Harmonized Commodity.
  • Description and Coding System.
  • Matters pertaining to import and/or export control i.e. permits, etc.
  • Assistance and guidance on matters pertaining to Rules of Origin applications i.e. trade agreements.
  • Matters pertaining to Customs Valuation.
  • Provision of up to date information regarding customs rulings and SARS matters in general.
  • Obtaining a permit from the Departmentof Agricultural Permits.
  • Assistance with, and submission of, an Application for a Customs Client Code.
  • Number, for purposes of Imports, Exports, and other Customs Client types.
  • Maintaining our customers' Customs Client profile with SARS's Customs Business Unit (DA 185).
  • Applying to SARS's Customs Business Unit for Refunds (Customs related).
  • Customs rebate provisions.
  • Applying and obtaining a Letter of Authority from SABS.
  • Port Health protocols (Examinations, Releases, etc.)
  • State Vet protocols (Examinations, Releases, etc.)
  • Import and/or export commodities deemed to be Prohibited and/or Restricted.
  • Tariff related issues and the various rate of duties applicable, including making applications for Tariff Determinations to SARS.
  • ITAC i.e. rebate permits (470.03), etc.
  • Managing and monitoring Customs stops and/or Customs detentions.

In addition we are:

  • An appointed and, importantly, an Accredited Clearing Agent with SARS, in terms of Section 64E of the Customs and Excise Act, No 91 of 1964.
  • Have a solid and healthy relationship with SARS since 1997.
  • Are regarded by SARS as a reputable company with integrity.
  • Have representatives on EXCO level in SAAFF National and SAAFF Regional (Gauteng).

Logistics and Supply Chain

Our Fully Integrated Approach

Throughout our global network, KWE are able to provide end to end supply chain management solutions according to our clients exacting requirements. With state of the art systems and technology coupled with world class facilities, we are able to seamlessly co-ordinate the flow of cargo from factory to foundation:

Ourservices include:

  • Procurement of materials
  • Vendor management
  • Processing products
  • Contract logistics
  • Long and short term storage solutions
  • Handling merchandise repair and returns, including waste disposal
  • Handling of orders
  • Inventory management and information management
  • Supply chain rationalisation
  • Analysing results, proposing and implementing continuously improved solutions

KWE’s optimal distribution methods deliver high-level solutions for diverse challenges such as:

  • Logistics consulting
  • PO (purchase order) management
  • Inventory control management
  • Assembly works
  • Reverse logistics (RMA): Return Material Authorization
  • Cross-dock operations
  • VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory)
  • Transport/forwarding management
  • Project management
  • Product inspection

Supply chain management services

At KWE, our business approach encapsulates a ‘Framework Evaluation Methodology technique’. Simply put, we know that one solution may not meet all customer requirements. We therefore place a high level of importance on accurately evaluating existing inventory flows within the supply chain and adapting where needed. We provide a range of value-added services:

  • Supply chain specialists
  • Supply chain strategy formulation
  • Inventory management
  • Inventory forecasting for materials requirement and demand planning
  • Freight and Transport management evaluation audits

Africa Gateway

"All across Africa and going beyond ports"

A focus on African Countries and Indian Ocean islands

In South Africa, we fully grasp the uniqueness and constraints of operational conditions locally and within the African continent. Through long-standing partnerships with our agents we have extensive coverage on the African continent. Currently our African network spans 74 offices across 44 countries. This footprint allows us to offer a wide range of regional and local services throughout Africa.
KWE has identified countries in which we plan to establish our own branded offices due to ever increasing demand and volumes moving to these countries. All services are controlled from a central point at our head office in Johannesburg via a dedicated team of trade and operations experts – our Africa Desk.

Services for Africa:

  • Freight forwarding services for all cross trade (air/sea/road)
  • Air-solutions
  • RIT / RIB Shipments
  • Transit & Border Clearances
  • Door to door / DDP services
  • Warehouse services (Cross Border)
    • Packing / unpacking material control
    • Consolidation and deconsolidation
  • Transportation of extra-large and heavylift cargo
  • Specialised services (onsite rigging)
  • Project logistics services
  • Emergencies – sameday air / road solutions (specific areas) (Dedicated, AOG, UDO)
  • Procurement
  • Route optimisation
  • Risk management
  • Transport insurance
  • Tracking and tracing
  • Reporting

Our African partners are carefully selected and we monitor their performance closely. Our demanding criteria include:

  • High quality calibre for each market area
  • Demonstrated history of superior performance
  • Competitive pricing and wide range of solution options
  • Financial stability

Project Cargo

Managing your risk the right way

KWE's dedicated Global Project Cargo Divisions consist of teams of cross functional, experienced and professional Project Cargo Specialists.

We design and implement best practice solutions for the movement of your assets in transit starting with pre-project feasibility studies right through to delivery – on time, in full with administration complete.

Our solutions are further enhanced by our systematic approach to risk management that include critical checks and balances providing early warning systems.

These systems, in the hands of our people, empower you to make the right decisions to protect your investments and minimise costly errors. As your Global Logistics Partner, your expectations become our commitments.

KWE is currently active in the following industries:

  • Renewable energy
  • Oil and gas
  • Power generation
  • Construction
  • Mining

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • OOG / Heavy lift cargo
  • Sensitive / Specialised cargo
  • Hazardous cargo handling and transport, and military equipment (weapons systems, arms and ammunition)
  • Safety and Risk Management
  • Packing – normal and specialised cargo packing
  • Technical planning for best practice project design and execution (building logistics concepts, methodologys & complete turn-key solutions)
  • Preferential arrangements with Global Underwriters
  • Expert Marine Surveyors
  • Stevedore / Tally services
  • Route surveys and Route clearance (superloads)
  • Port surveys
  • Site surveys
  • Specialised vehicles
  • Specialised services ie: on-site rigging. etc.

Specialised Aerospace Logistics

It is the aerospace industry which provides perhaps the best illustration of KWE SA's provision of their comprehensive logistics services: “For the national carrier, we manage both above and below the wing operations on their behalf.”

“Below the wing”

Our below the wing or technical operation includes managing a 24/7/365 10 000 m2 off site warehouse containing roughly 200 000 SKU’s at the country’s major international airport. KWE handles all the inbound logistics of parts, components and other materials from 1750 suppliers around the world all within stringent customs and excise requirements to meet specific service tiers. We also move and control different aircraft engine types and fully assembled landing gears to and from this facility. We assist with aircraft A, C and D maintenance checks, retrofits, cargo conversions as well as other offsite projects. Our operations are audited annually by the CAA, FAA, BV and EASA to name a few, and always pass with flying colours. KWE also handles and manages the total supply chain of a major aircraft tyre manufacturer which supplies the carrier. This operation would include tracking tyres by serial numbers to ascertain their position on various aircraft at time of landing, usage and return for retreading as well as total spares management.

“Above The Wing”

Above the wing, we manage a fully integrated seamless supply chain for all in-flight passenger comfort and catering services. KWE’s advanced integrated materials management systems provide us with global visibility allowing us to accurately track and forecast demand, and subsequently replenish the airline’s global supply chain as and when demand dictates.” The inflight operation is conducted on a global level integrating and utilising KWE’s vast global footprint. KWE SA is now entering its 10th year as a trusted partner of the national carrier, and is expecting to expand our service offerings further taking bold steps and industry firsts in further pioneering new and innovative concepts for the airline. Our above and below wing supply chain concept was pioneered by KWE SA, and is fully customisable to suit any industry’s supply chain needs.

Warehouse Management

In South Africa, KWE provides warehouse management services either on site at the customer’s locality or at facilities owned by KWE, around South Africa.

Manhattan SCALE is a warehouse management system that KWE RSA is implementing in their facilities across the country, and the system will also enable offsite client warehouse management.

Services include:

  • Pick and pack
  • Product kitting
  • Kan ban preparation for line feeding support
  • Re-packing
  • Container deconsolidation/unpacking
  • Postponement logistics
  • Inventory cross dock
  • Vendor/supplier managed inventory
  • High value storage
  • Bond store and general store management
  • Temporary staffing

Inventory Management

  • Parts traceability by serial number, Date of Receipt, attribute management
  • FIFO management to ensure systematic cycling of inventory
  • Inventory “Put Away” process management


  • KWE provides daily reports of inbound receipts, inventory balance and an order status report to HTM
  • KWE’s system generates a full set of reports for clean and effective record keeping
  • Cycle Counting and Physical Inventory Counts are support by the system generated reports for reconciliation and record keeping

RF Capability

  • RF put-away for real time update of inventory within warehouse storage locations
  • RF pick and ship to identify the status of each shipping order
  • RF inquiry of inventory within the warehouse by part number, location or system generated lot

All warehouses have the following security features: CCTV cameras with digital recording, access control, 24 hour security and emergency back-up.

KWEcan become an indispensable, integrated global logistics partner to your business. By joining the KWE's integrated network you're partnering with a powerhouse who has connections all over the world.

  • KWE - Aiming to be a True "Global Logistics Partner"
  • We want to continue to be a corporate group that provides reliable service and customer satisfaction to customers all over the world and aim for a truly abundant future.
  • We at Kintetsu World Express shall create new values and optimal environments through our provision of cargo logistics services in order to contribute to the development of a global community together with our clients, shareholders and employees.
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