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Risk Management & Compliance

The KWE Group has formulated the KWE Group Fundamental Policy for Risk Management for the group as a whole and built the group's common risk management system. The group conducts activities to properly manage risks associated with business and others.

KWE Group Fundamental Policy for Risk Management

Under this fundamental policy, the KWE Group strives to continue business permanently and enhance corporate value in order to fulfil social responsibility as a corporate group and live up to all stakeholders' social trust in us.

  1. We continuously, actively, and in a unified manner manage risks that materially affect the continuation of its business and cause loss.
  2. We investigate and bring to light risks, accurately recognize the material risks through analysis, and prepare and implement countermeasures for reducing the possibility of those risks being realized and countermeasures for avoiding and mitigating loss if we are.
  3. If a risk actualizes, we will act responsibly as an organization, strive to quickly recover and resolve it through appropriate responses, and keep loss relating to the safety, health, and profits of related parties to a minimum.

Risk Management System

KWE implemented risk management system in fiscal 2006. KWE Risk Management Committee promotes a risk-aware culture within the group at the global level.

We identify a wide variety of potential risks that can happen in the respective regions, including issues associated with compliance with laws and regulations, natural disasters, such as floods or earthquakes, and operations associated with services rendered to customers, assess and analyze them and take measures against them, thereby minimizing their impact on the continuation of our business operations when they arise.

Fundamental Policy for KWE Group's Compliance

The KWE Group conducts corporate activities fairly with high-level ethics and responsibility with a view to becoming a corporate group trusted by society.

  1. Board members and employees of the KWE Group ensure compliance and strive to act sincerely and sensibly.
  2. The KWE Group gives top priority to compliance in making business judgment and operating business.
  3. The KWE Group deals with non-compliance with a responsible attitude, investigates the cause and prevents its recurrence.

Efforts and Initiatives to Instill Compliance

The KWE Group reviewed its compliance activities and built a system that can be managed by the group as a whole, encompassing its affiliated companies both at home and abroad, based on the group risk management system. We consider an issue associated with compliance a crucial risk and thus address it accordingly.

In Japan, in accordance with the KWE Group Code of Conduct on which the Group's compliance is based, we drew up the KWE Domestic Compliance Standards, which incorporate Japan-specific items, in January 2015 and have distributed its detailed manual to the entire staff. In addition, by providing an annual e-learning training program and utilizing the Monthly Compliance Textbook and other materials, which are distributed on a group-wide basis, we work toward the goal of instilling compliance throughout the organization.