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Relationship with Employees

KWE Global HR Guidelines

With the aim of becoming a "Global Top 10 Solution Partner" as part of its long-term vision, the KWE Group focuses on developing global human resources as a priority measure of the Medium-Term Management Plan. In building a new global HR platform, we introduced succession planning in 2020 and began training younger generations for key positions.

As part of this process, we defined competencies for leadership, which summarize the elements required for the Group's leaders, and have begun using it as a human resource development tool. The above is also included in the "KWE Global HR Guidelines", which summarizes the direction of human resources management for the overall Group.

Eight Leadership Competencies (from the "KWE Global HR Guidelines")

Eight Leadership Competencies (from the KWE Global HR Guidelines)

HR Mission and Vision (from the "KWE Global HR Guidelines")

Corporate HR Mission

The KWE corporate HR mission is to ensure that every employee can enjoy a long and fulfilling career by creating a work environment where each individual is motivated to develop him or herself and contribute to the organization.

Corporate HR Vision

The KWE corporate HR vision is to attract, retain, and develop the best employees, and be a company that employees are proud of. We are committed to increasing employee engagement, resulting in the sustainable growth of both individuals and the organization.

KWE Talent Management Platform (from the "KWE Global HR Guidelines")

KWE Talent Management Platform (from the KWE Global HR Guidelines)


To promote diversity, the KWE Group does not tolerate discrimination in any form, whether by race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, or disability, and we provide equal opportunities for everyone to play an active role.

We are building with clear job requirements for each position to promote motivated and talented employees and give those working at local subsidiaries the opportunity to take on more challenging responsibilities.

Specifically, we are accumulating personnel data in local subsidiaries and reviewing the status of talent development on a regular basis with an aim to assign right person to right position.

Going forward, we will further promote diversity throughout the Group by initiatives in line with the material topic "Diversity and Equal Opportunity", we recently identified.